Analyze an economic subject

Analyzing economic subjects

contained in the global economic circuit

The interactive diagram of the economy presented by LinkNotions as it currently exists contains 400 notions (concepts) and more than a thousand links between them.

The idea was to bring together in one diagram “all” economic phenomena (notions) and their influences on each other.

Economic subjects:

Starting from the world of economics, we have derived a number of sub-diagrams of the diagram of economics.

In fact, they are economic issues with notions (and links) related to the issue.

You can view and edit the following diagrams:

Like all LinkNotions diagrams, you can copy them for free in your LinkNotions account and modify them as you wih. Just click on the icon (two blue files) left to the title of the diagram (top, above the Tool bar).

Note: Teachers and students will find exercises referring to these worlds in the menu under “Education”.

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