Units in calculation

You can use a LinkNotions diagram to visualize calculation using the correct units in calcultation.

The value of a notion can be calculated by the values of other notions.

Introduce the correct unit of each notion.

You can enter any unit in the “Unit” field (1) (see image beneath) in the “Calculations” window. We have entered the unit €. The press the “Enter” key or click anywhere in the diagram. Now you can see the unit right to the amount in the notion B (2).
For your convenience if you have a lot of notions, you can preset the units in “Preferences”.
These will appear in a drop-down list and you will be able to choose the correct unit.
Click the “Preferences” button (1). The “Diagram Properties” window (2) opens.
At the bottom of the window you will find “Units” (3).
To add a unit, enter its symbol under “Symbol” (4). For example “€”. You can add a description of the symbol if you want (5). For example “currency of the Economic and Monetary Union”.
To add the new unit to the list, please click on the floppy disk (6).
You can register as many symbols as you want.
Note: If you enter a single unit in the list, this unit will automatically appear in each newly created notion. This is useful if you have a diagram where all (or almost all) notions have the same unit. You will not have to grab it every time.
Now leave this window by clicking on “Save” (top right).
Click on a Notion (1) to activate it. In the “Calculations” window (2) click on “Unit”.
A list appears (3). It includes all the units you have defined in “Preferences”.
You notice that behind the symbol of each unit is the description you gave it in “Preferences”.