The 20 benefits of LinkNotions

  1. Each notion and each link can have content: texts, images, documents, tables. You decide how to structure the content using tabs and fields.

  2. The diagrams are interactive. Place the cursor over an element or click it to get information in tooltips and by colored highlightings.

  3. Possibility to integrate calculation between notions. The knowledge map thus becomes an interactive visual spreadsheet.

  4. The diagram remains legible even with many notions and multiple non-linear links (eg thousands). Thus you can show complex systems.

  5. The ability to create different types of links in a single diagram. Each link type is recognizable by its name, its color, the size of its linklines, ….

  6. You can export the content of notions and links to an Excel sheet. 

  7. You can export the diagrams to print.

  8. Easy sharing of diagrams by mail and in internet sites. The receiver can read it using his browser. No software required.

  9. Numbering as on a chessboard and a powerful search function allow you to find notions easily in very big diagrams.

  10. Possibility to have non-linear links (contrary to mind maps, links can cross without that the diagram becomes unreadable).

  11. Squares containing a notion over empty squares (and always a well-arranged presentation). Easily move notions by drag and drop.

  12. The ability to create sub-diagrams from a large diagram. Simply export part of the large diagram (notions and links, with their contents).

  13.  Conversely: it is possible to import a diagram into another one (notions and links, with their contents).

  14. The ability to create domains (notions with common characteristics can be put together in a colored space).

  15. The ability to create subject groups (they highlight the notions with a common characteristic, but scattered over the diagram).

  16. URL-Links in notions or links can lead to other diagrams and to web pages.

  17. The ability to easily expand the number of rows and columns according to your needs.

  18. The “X to Y” function which shows you all the ways that lead from one notion to another.

  19. The ease of use: the rapid creation and modification of notions and links.

  20. LinkNotions is multilingual. Create your diagrams in as many languages as you want. The reader will choose his preferred language.