Publishing a diagram under the responsibility of LinkNotions

Table to propose a world to be published under the responsibility of LinkNotions

Thank you to provide a world for publication under the responsibility of LinkNotions!

This will help to enrich the site LinkNotions and enable to share your knowledge with a public.

Below are the most important elements of the rules:

The publication is free.

By asking LinkNotions to publish a world you cede your copyright to LinkNotions. You agree that LinkNotions changes the world and that LinkNotions asks the public to contribute to its improvement.

LinkNotions can offer the world in its shop. You are not entitled to any remuneration.

If LinkNotions accepts your world, you are entitled to a basic license and a world license of this world until the end of the publication of this world.

By asking the world to be publish, you accept the rules of the publication an the terms of conditions.

For further explanation of the publication of worlds under LinkNotions' responsibility