You suffer from the writer’s block?

You must write a work on an in-depth research?

Want to write a novel?

The fear of the blank page or blank page syndrome is a real handicap for many students, researchers or writers. So, what to do if you are scared of a blank sheet of paper?

Our advice: create a LinkNotions diagram!

Finally, all knowledge is nothing more than a collection of notions (concepts) and links (relationships, influences, …) between them. It is therefore sufficient to use software to represent concepts and the links between them and especially to give them a content. The LinkNotions software has these characteristics.

Proceed as follows:

1. Start by collecting the data in a LinkNotions diagram:

2. Export the contents to an Excel file.

3. File the content according to your needs (in the diagram and in the Excel file).

4. Use the content to write your work.

The LinkNotions software is the perfekt tool for any in-depth research work.

To create a diagram, just have a LinkNotions account, enter your account and click on “Create World”.

Create a new diagram and edit it.

To give you ideas, here is a list of interactive diagrams created with LinkNotions software.

Créate your LinkNotions account:

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Open the diagram in view mode. To edit the diagram, click “edit this diagram” (top right in the diagram).

Open the diagram in view mode. To edit it, click “edit this diagram” (top right in the diagram).