Publish a visual spreadsheet on internet

LinkNotions visual spreadsheets are self-explaining. So even if you publish a visual spreadsheet with difficult contents, your public will understand it.

Know the URL of the diagram to publish

The URL is the address of the diagram.

The URL of each diagram is indicated in your account.

To find it just open in your account, detect the diagram and click on “External link” (1) to the right of the diagram title.

A window (2) opens and presents two URLs. Copy one of them (Ctrl + C) and insert it in a page of the website (we will show below how to do it).

The URL at the top (3) allows the user only to view the diagram.

The URL at the bottom (4) allows the user to view the diagram and copy it into his account for editing. Your diagram will not be modified, but the moment the user makes a copy of it in his account, this copy can be modified.

Insert an “iframe” into an internet page

Sorry, here things get complicated. You will probably need the help of an expert.

Some explanations:

A web page is a text written in HTML. If you use content management software like WordPress to create your website, you need to access the text mode and insert an iframe text like:

<iframe class = “ui-sortable-handle” style = “transform-origin: 0 0; transform: scale (0.67); margin-bottom: -350px;” src = “Schema URL” width = “150%” height = “1050” frameborder = “1”> </ iframe>

However, if you are not a specialist, we do not advise you to do it yourself. Have a web designer set up your content management software and insert at least the first iframe. If he is nice, he will show you how to proceed later.

Example of interactive schema insertion with calculation.

Try it, it’s interactive! You can as a user:

  • Click on a notion, eg: A1: the “Calculations” window is open.
  • Modify a number by entering it in the field “Main Expression” and click on “Save and Calculate“: the software recalculates the whole.
  • Return the amounts to the starting point: click on “reload” (top left of the web page) to reload the page.


Calculate with LinkNotions: calculate the value of a notion with values of other notions.
The concept map becomes a visual spreadsheet!