LinkNotions games

1. Put in the right order

Preliminary explanations:

In this type of game, the player must put in a certain order elements. Sometimes the order is not obvious. In this case, a research can be useful and a discussion between different players can be interesting.

Here we give an example. Up to you to create others.


In the game on animals, we propose 10 animals to move and to classify according to three criteria.

  • From the biggest to the smallest
  • From the heaviest to the lightest
  • From fastest to slowest

To play, you must have a license and copy the game into your account. Then open it in edit mode.

In your account, you can easily create different games of the same type.

Move the animals to make them appear according to their size, weight or speed!

  2. Follow the links

Preliminary explanations:

The LinkNotions diagrams show links between notions. Sometimes it is interesting to follow a succession of links to see how to get from one notion to another.

Thus, in economics it would be interesting to see how we get from the key interest rate (notion F17 of the world of economics) to the exchange rate of the national currency (A29).

In LinkNotions, when you click the bottom part of a notion box, the diagram highlights the notions influenced, the consequences of the notion clicked.

In other words, each time by clicking the bottom part of one of the influenced notions, we can find the paths in which an increase (or decrease) of the interest rate influences the exchange rate.

Examples of paths:

F17 : D33 : A28 : A29 (there are 6 paths with 3 steps)

F17 : D33 : B35 : A28 : A29 (there are 25 paths with 4 steps)


Discover all the paths by consulting the “X to Y” function in the tool bar.

 Game 1:

  • Arriving from X to Y as soon as possible

    1. Two (or more) people play. Each has opened the same LinkNotions diagram on his computer. Each player is observed by a person to control the clicks.
    2. Currently the following diagrams are suitable for this game:
      1. economics
      2. ecology
    3. The referee decides the notions of departure and arrival.
    4. He gives the start signal.
    5. Players first click the notion of departure, then one of the notions influenced, then a new notion influenced until the arrival notion is reached.
    6. The first one who manages to bring out the notion of arrival shouts “stop”.
    7. He won as long as its controller agrees and confirms that the player does have clicked notions influenced consecutively.


  • If there are no controllers, each player can save his game with his smartphone.
  • Players are not allowed to consult the “X to Y” tool.

Complementary rule: To be the winner, the player must explain the links of the different steps.

Game 2:

  • Arriving from X to Y with as less steps as possible

    1. 2 (or more) people play. Each has opened the world of économics diagram on his computer.
    2. The referee decides the notions of departure and arrival.
    3. The referee announces the time available. Eg : 10 min
    4. He gives the start signal.
    5. Players click to try and find different paths and remember the shortest distance.
    6. After 10 min, players announce the number of steps in their path.
    7. Whoever has the lowest number of steps must show the steps. If the path is correct with the indicated number, he wins.
    8. If several players have indicated the same number of steps, they must show their path. If, after verification, it appears that all have a valid path, but different, the referee decides who wins based on the relevance of the path. If the paths are the same, the game is reset.

Note: Players are not allowed to consult the “X to Y” tool.

After the games, you can discuss the relevance of paths.


The “X to Y” function shows the path from F17 to A29.

In other words, it show you the effect of an increase (or decrease) of the key interest rate (F17) on the exchange rate of the national currency (A29).

In this case the result is “red”. This means, that

  • if the key interest rate increases, then the exchange rate decreases
  • if the key interest rate decreases, then the exchange rate increases.


3. Create your own games

The games above were made with LinkNotions software. All you need is a LinkNotions license to create your own games. Start with a one-month free trial!


Calculate with LinkNotions: calculate the value of a notion with values of other notions.
The concept map becomes a visual spreadsheet! Examples.