Organize knowledge

LinkNotions for beginners

Knowledge consists of:

  • a certain number of notions (concepts)
  • the links between these notions
  • each notion and each link has a content (explanations, images, documents, …)

Example 1: people and relationships between them

Notions: “Jane” and “Henry”

Link (Relationship): “is married to”

Content of “Jane”: born on may 11th, 1990, engineer, married, images,…

Content of Henry: born on january 25th, 1990, teacher, married, images, …

Content of the link (relationship): date of marriage; description of the relationship, …

Utility: you can easily create sociograms, organograms, genograms, familytrees, …

Example 2: influences in ecology

Notions : “Road traffic” and “CO2 emission”

Link: “influences”

Content of “Road traffic” : définition, images, articles, …

Content of “CO2 emissions” : définition, images, articles, …

Content of the link : explanation how road traffic influences CO2 emissions; images, articles, …

Utility : You can easily create diagrams showing the interconnections in different fields of knowledge: geography, medecine, économy, history, …

How to create your first interactive diagram?

To create a diagram, you must have a LinkNotions account and open a new workspace in the account.

Create your account.

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Once in your account, click create workspace.

In the diagram:

Create the notion “Jane”:

  • Put the cursor over an empty box until it becomes blue. Then double-click it.
  • Enter “Jane” in the open window.
  • Click “Create.”
  • Do the same with the notion “Henry”.

Create a type of relationship (“is married to”):

  • Click “Link Types” in the tool bar.
  • Click “Add …”
  • In the window write the name “is married to”, select a color and click “save”.

Create the relationship between Jane and Henry.

  • Place the cursor on Jane. The cursor changes to a hand.
  • Click the gray circle at the bottom of the square of Jane.
  • Click Henry.
  • A window opens: Choose the type of link “is married to” and click “Save”.

Give content to the notion Jane:

  • Double-click (or right-click) Jane. Click “Modify”.
  • The “Notion Properties” window opens.
  • Write your explanatory text, add photos, documents, …
  • Click “Save”.

Give content to the relationship:

To open a link, you have two ways:

  1. Double-click the line representing the link
  2. Double-click a notion (Jane) and place the cursor on “Outgoing Links” then click “married to Henry”.
  • The “Notion Properties” window opens.
  • Write your explanatory text, add photos, documents, …
  • Click “Save”.

For complete information on creating diagrams, please visit: “Info” in the menu, with the user manual: edit a diagram.

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Calculate with LinkNotions: calculate the value of a notion with values of other notions.
The concept map becomes a visual spreadsheet!

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