Create interactive concept maps

With a concept map you can visualize non-linear links between concepts, phenomena, people …

You can show mechanisms, a situation, a field of knowledge.

Example :

LinkNotions map: interactive, multilingual, with content in notions and links. Try by clicking and double-clicking notions and links in the map below!

Works on computer, tablet and iPad

Use our online software LinkNotions to present and explain.

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Create interactive concept maps


Create new diagrams and add your own notions and links.


Easily insert content to notions and links: texts, documents, images …

Exclusive to LinkNotions


Discover new insights through the interacitve visualisations available to you.


Share your diagrams by mail with a select group (coworkers, students, …) or with the world by a webpage.


  • Knowledge management
  • Analysis of complex phenomena
  • Scientific analysis
  • Problems solving
  • Business Process Modeling
  • Knowledge maps
  • Business plannings
  • Organograms, Sociograms
  • Genograms
  • Family Trees
  • Interactive Encyclopedias

With LinkNotions you can describe complex systems in an easily understood graphical interface

Create a concept map with your data base


Calculation with LinkNotions

Introduce values and formulas into notions.
Calculate the value of a notion using the values of others.

The first concept map to make calculations:
A visual spreadsheet.

LinkNotions, a tool to do research: explore fields of knowledge

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Link notions (concepts, names, phenomenon, …)
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Give a sense (meaning and direction) to links
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Give content to notions and links (text, documents, pictures, tables)

Exclusive to LinkNotions !

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Provide you with analysis tools.

7 main benefits of LinkNotions

  1. Exclusive to LinkNotions : Each notion and each link can have content: texts, images, documents, tables. You decide how to structure it.

  2. Exclusive to LinkNotions : The diagram is interactive. Place the cursor over an element or click it to get information.

  3. Exclusivity to LInkNotions : You can integrate the calculation between notions. The knowledge map thus becomes an interactive visual spreadsheet.

  4. Exclusive to LinkNotions : The diagram remains legible even with many notions and multiple non-linear links (eg thousands).

  5. The ability to create different types of links in a single diagram. Each link type is recognizable by its name, its color, the size of its link lines, ….

  6. You can export the content of notions and links to an Excel sheet.

  7. You can export the diagram to print and share it.

Show all the benefits

Our examples of concept maps

List of our examples

Economics    ◊   Ecology   ◊    Law    ◊    Organogram    ◊   Business Planning   ◊   Medical   ◊   Family tree   ◊   Genogram

Sociogram of a group    ◊    Analysis of a fairy tale   ◊    Analysis of a novel    ◊    Jazz encyclopedia    ◊   Restaurant guide 

Our examples in detail

The economic circuit

The diagram shows more than 1000 interrelations between 400 economic phenomena (notions). All notions and all links are explained.

The result is a complex economic circuit unique in the world.

Growth or crisis ?

What are the main causes of economic growth or crisis?

You can see here that in a diagram with few notions you can use straight lines for links without the diagram becoming illegible.

LinkNotions games

LinkNotions offers some educational games

  • With animals (for the very young)
  • In economics and ecology (for the less young).
  • Easily create your own games in edit mode !

Family tree

For a neophyte, creating a family tree fails with the difficulty of the software used.

LinkNotions offers 5 models of family trees. You copy one of them for free in your account and replace the concepts father, mother, children, grandparents by the names of people in your family. You can add information (photos, date of birth, …) to each person and every relationship.

Later, you can send your tree by mail to your family. Everyone can help to complete it.


A genogram, also called genosociogram, is a family sociogram used in systemic family therapy.

The peculiarity of the LinkNotions genogram is to be interactive and to allow to give content to both notions (people) and links (relationships) between them. This means that each person and each relationship between people may contain information in form of texts, documents, tables, photos, etc.

Medicine: Clinical monitoring

Linking symptoms, diseases, medicines and other items, the doctor can find valuable help to think about taking into account elements in the diagnosis of disease or in monitoring a patient.

In the case of medical monitoring of a patient, the doctor can easily create a diagram for each patient taking only the elements that relate to completing the diagram to progressively monitoring the patient.

Interactive business planner

The planner provides a global view of the company.

  • it shows the tasks, people, offices, special rooms, equipment, projects, customers, suppliers, documents, etc. in one single diagram
  • it highlights the links between these elements: who is responsible for what task, working with whom, with what, where, …

Analyze and visualize a law

The diagram uses the text of a circular from the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) in Luxembourg.

It shows how to use LinkNotions to analyze a law. It reveals the links between institutions, stakeholders and all other parts affected by a law or circular.


Create an interactive organogram of a company or institution or the realization of an event.

It’s easy and efficient. You can start from scratch or use the template proposed by LinkNotions. Copy the template for free in your account and replace LinkNotions fictitious names with the names of people in your institution.

The LinkNotions organogram has many benefits: it is interactive, multilingual, easy to distribute, …

Analysis of a novel

Based on the example “Death on the Nile”, we show how to create the sociogram of a novel.

Such a diagram allows to see at a glance all the characters and the relationships between them. It also shows links of each person with objects, places and scenes of the novel.

Analysis of a fairy tale

A sociogram is an effective tool for analyzing a fairy tale.

Based on the example “The Frog King or Iron Henry”, we show how to create the sociogram of a tale.The diagram compares versions of 1812 and 1857 and provides elements of reflection and interpretation.

Sociogram of a group

A sociogram is a visual representation of the relationships within a group. It helps you better understand the psycho-sociological dimension of the group and create powerful and enjoyable subgroups of work or leisure.

We show you, step by step, how to create different types of sociograms with LinkNotions.

Encyclopedia of Jazz

An interactive encyclopedia of Jazz.

At a glance you can see who played with whom, where, when, what style, what instrument.

Copy the encyclopedia into your account and fill it with your knowledge and reading

The world of ecology

This diagram shows how our needs and our way of living are leading to the current ecological disasters.

Follow the path of a specific need of humans (drinking, eating, warm, …) until it causes problems (global warming, cancer skin, famine …), passing through intermediate steps.

Restaurant guide

Have you ever thought about starting your own restaurant guide? Why a guide?

To remember your culinary tours. To know next time where to go, without having to search in crammed guides.
To make your friends enjoy your experiences. In fact, you can easily send your friends your guide. As LinkNotions works on browser, your friends will read the guide without problems. They can even change it if you want.

Check out now !

View and edit the 15 interactive diagrams developed with LinkNotions software and available for free.

  • To view a diagram, click on the diagrams and enjoy the information they contain. User manual for view mode.
  • To edit a diagram, copy it into your account and edit it. So you do not need to start from scratch when you want to build a diagram in one of the knowledge fields proposed below. (Create your LinkNotions account by purchasing a license or by asking for a one month free trial)

LinkNotions is better than your average graph editor

Compare LinkNotions with your average graph editor when it comes to a model with over 400 notions and over one thousand links.


Graph editor

Conclusion: As soon as the notions and the relations are numerous and nonlinear, only an interactive diagram of LinkNotions remains readable.

This is for two reasons:

  1. In a LinkNotions diagram, you can ask the links to stay in the corridors.
  2. The tooltips (1) (during a roll over) and the colored highlightings (2) (at a click) inform you about links and content (3) of notions and links (texts, documents , Images).

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