Insert an image into a notion or a link

Preliminary Note: Open a diagram in your account. You must be in edit mode (not in “consultation” mode).

To insert an image into a field in a tab of the notion or a link:

Double-click the notion (1) and

  • Click “Modify” (2) to enter the notion. The “Notion Properties” window opens.


  • Double-click the relevant link in the list (2bis). The “Link Properties” window opens.

In the “Properties” window, click in a field (4) on a tab (5) where you want to insert the image (6). Click on the “Image” (7) function. Insert the URL of the image in the intended location (8). The problem is to get the URL of an image. (You can not insert an image by copy / paste).

There are two cases:

1. You want to insert an image you found on the internet

In this case, no problem: the image already has an URL
Right-click the mouse on the image and choose “Copy Image Address” by clicking on this text (9).
In the “Properties …” window, place the cursor into a field (6) of a tab. Click the icon of an image (7) above a field. Now paste the URL with Ctrl + V into the URL field (8).

2. You want to insert an image that is on your computer

In this case your image does not have an URL yet. Here is a very simple procedure:

Start by inserting the image on a notion and then continue

  • Double-click a notion and klick “Modify” (1) : the “Notion Property” window opens (2).

  • Click “+Upload” (3) : Browse in your computer and select an image (4) by double clicking it.

  • The image is listed right to “Current” (5). It is now on the notion.

  • Click on the icon of the image (6)

  • The image is opened

  • Right click the mouse on the image and select “Copy image address” (7)

  • Click close (8)

  • Click on the image icon (9) : the “Image properties” window (10) is opened

  • In the field “URL” (11) insert (paste) the image address by Ctrl+V

  • In the field “Width” (12) insert an appropriate size (250 to 500 !?)

  • Click “ok” (13) : The image is inside your notion (14)

  • Quit the “Notion Properties” window (click “Save” topright) and see the image inside your notion (14) and on your notion (15)


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