How to create a new diagram and edit it

To create a new diagram in your account:

Open your account by clicking on the “Log in” button at the top right of the main page of the site LinkNotions:

Create a new interactive diagram by clicking on “Create workspace” in your account.

Edit an interactive diagram of LinkNotions
Edit an interactive diagram of LinkNotions

Modifying a diagram:

(For more details, click the “+” button behind each explanation)

  1. In your account, click edit behind the title of the diagram you want to modify. It will then be opened in edit mode. (+)
  2. To create a notion, double-click an empty box (2). (+) To give content to a notion: Please see (9).
  3. To create a link between notion A and notion B, place the cursor on notion A (the cursor changes to a hand), click the gray dot (the space becomes lighter) (3), then click the notion B (+). (To create a new type of link or to change a type of link (change color, name, …), click the button (3a). (+) To give content to a link : Please see (10).
  4. To move a notion by drag and drop (4), click on the notion and hold the click by moving the notion to another empty box. (+)
  5. To select multiple notions, click the button (5) and  select the notions by clicks and / or by clicking and dragging the mouse. (+)
  6. To copy multiple notions, select them (see 5) and click the button (6) and pull them to the desired location. (+)
  7. To move multiple notions, select them (see 5) and click the button (7) and pull them to the desired location. (+)
  8. To delete multiple notions, select them (see 5) and click the button (8). (+)
  9. To edit a notion (change name, add content, explanation, photos, …) double-click its box (9) and select “modify” (9a). (+)
  10. To edit a link, double-click one of its notions (10) and double-click the relevant link (10a). You get the same result by double-clicking the line representing the link (10b). (+)
  11. To add / delete one or more row(s), double-click a letter (11). (+)
  12. To add / delete one or more column(s), double-click a number (12). (+)
  13. To add a subject group, click “+” (13), and give it a name. To add notions to the subject group, open the list of the subject groups (13a), select the notions to be added (see 5) and click the “+” behind the subject group concerned (13b). To edit the subject group, click the little pencil behind its title. (+)
  14. To print the diagram, export it in PDF format (14a) or in SVG format (14b). (+)
  15. To export the content of the notions and links in an Excel file, click the button (15a or 15b). (+)
  16. To import another diagram in this diagram, click “Import …” (16) and choose the diagram in the dropdown list. (+)
  17. To add / edit tabs and fields in order to organize information in the notions and links, click the button (17). (+)
  18. To change the size and proportions of the boxes, to hide the empty boxes and to display all links with straight lines, click “Settings” (18). (+)
  19. To send your diagram by mail, go into your account by clicking the LinkNotions logo (19). In your account, click “External link” (behind the title of the diagram). You will find two URLs. If you send the top one, the recipient can only read the diagram. If you send the lower one, the recepient can read and modify the diagram in his account. So copy one of both (Ctrl + C) and paste it into your email (Ctrl + V). (+)

You will find detailed instructions on the website under Info: Edit mode.


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