Create an interactive concept map based on a database.

LinkNotions software specializes in the organization and visualization of complex systems. Your data bank is a complex system because the relationships between the data are non-linear.

Do you have a database?

Do you want to make the data more attractive and accessible to your employees or the public?

Easily create an attractive concept map

We propose to transform your raw data (Excel, XML, Relational DB, …) from your database into an interactive concept map with little effort and quickly. We can help you from simply transposing your raw data to a finished and attractive concept map. Please contact We will present you the modalities with pleasure.

A concept map is a diagram that presents notions with links between them. The special feature of LinkNotions maps is that notions and links can have content (texts, images, tables, documents, …).

The result is an attractive interactive scheme. The content becomes affordable thanks to the many benefits of the LinkNotions software. You can share the concepts map by email or on a website.

An interactive organogram created with a concept map

This map includes the largest economic circuit in the world.

It answers the question: what is the influence of an increase (or a decrease) in an economic phenomenon?

The map above is a business plannner that connects the actors of your company with localities, materials, documents, customers, suppliers, …

Other possible services :

  • On-premise installation inside the company (installation on the server of your company)
  • Adapting the software to your business needs
  • Support contract (we will help you if you have any questions about the operation of the software)
  • Development contract (you have an idea, we implement it or we accompany you in the implementation of your project).