LinkNotions: the interactive visual calculator software

Create financial calculators

The LinkNotions visual spreadsheet allows you to create financial calculators and more.

Example: Car loan calculator

Here is an example of a calculator of monthly payments on a car loan. You can publish the calculator on a website as we did below or send it by mail.

The user can modify the following values:

  • Vehicle price
  • Advance payment
  • Interest rate
  • Number of monthly payments

The calculator will calculate:

  • The monthly payment
  • Total interest
  • The total amount payable

Try the diagram below. It is interactive. Click the notions and change the numbers.

Enlarge the above Car loan calculator

Click on a notion and enter the amount of your choice. Then press the “Enter” key or click anywhere in the diagram.

Try in the diagram above!

Create financial calculators by your own

Nothing’s easier.

All you need is to create your LinkNotions account.

Create your account for free.

Here is a link to a page that explains how LinkNotions works.