Conditions in calculation

Conditions in calculation determine when a value is valid

If you assign a value (number or formula) to a notion, it is most often always valid. So there is no condition.

However, in some cases, the value is only valid if a condition is met.

In the “Calculations” window (1) you can enter a value for the active notion.

In the example the Notion A (2) has the value 1000 (3) and this in all cases. There is no condition (4).

But one could imagine that the Notion A has the value 1000 only if Notion B is less than 3000. Otherwise, the notion A is worth 1500.
In this case, the condition must be added in the “Calculations” window.

How to proceed ?

So we want the notion A

  • have the amount 1.000 if the notion B is less than 3000
  • have the amount 1.500 if notion B is greater than or equal to 3000

Activate notion A (click on notion A).

Enter the condition in the “Condition” field (1) provided for this purpose. See image on the right.

The condition in this case is that the notion B is less than 3000. To reference the notion B we will use its ID number (id3). The condition is id3<3000.

Click “+” (2) to add an extra line and add 1500 (3) in the “Expression” field.

As we saw in the example, this is the value that the Notion A takes if the Notion B is not below 3000.

Let’s click on “save” (4). If you click on “Recalculate values” (5), nothing changes in the notion C, because the notion B is below 3000.

Now give (see picture below) a value of 4000 to Notion B (1). Let’s click on “Save & Calculate(2).

We see in the picture below that now the Notion A gets the value 1500 (3). The Notion C has also been recalculated and gets the value 5500 (5) (Notion A + Notion B).

You can add as many conditions as you want. Conditions are evaluated in order of their presentation from top to bottom. You can change this order using the arrows (5).


In our case we have written the conditons in the “Calculations” window.

You can also enter them in the “Calculation overview” and in the “Concept Properties” window.

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