Analyzing and visualizing a law with a LinkNotions diagram

A LinkNotions diagram shows the interrelationships between the parties involved, their obligations, their actions.

We took as example the circular 12/552 of the “Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier” in Luxembourg. You can view the diagram by clicking the green button below.

EXAMPLE of the diagram on circular CSSF 12/552

The circular regulates central administration, internal governance and risk management and concerns all credit institutions, investment firms and professionals performing lending operations.

EDIT the diagram on circular CSSF 12/552

If you have a LinkNotions account, you can copy the diagram into your LinkNotions account and edit it. Enter the diagram, then click the green button on the top right of the diagram. A window opens. Click “Create”. A copy will be created into your account. It is opened in edit mode. You now can edit this copy.

CREATE your interactive diagrams from scratch

All you need is a LinkNotions account. Enter your account and click “Create workspace.”

Here’s how to create and edit a new diagram.

Here are the different diagrams (as examples) created by LinkNotions.


Calculate with LinkNotions: calculate the value of a notion with values of other notions.
The concept map becomes a visual spreadsheet! Examples.