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Calculate the take-off decision for an ULM aircraft

The situation; the problem

In ultra light aviation (ULM aircraft), the aircraft as it takes off must not exceed a certain weight. This weight is called maximum takeoff weight.

The maximum takeoff weight is 450 kg if the airplane has not a parachute and 472.5 kg if the airplane does have one.

To find out if the airplane has the right to take off, the pilot must therefore add up all the elements that make up the airplane takeoff weight:

  • Empty plane
  • gasoline
  • Pilot
  • Passenger
  • baggage

The total weight of these elements must be compared with the maximum takeoff weight, and the takeoff decision can be made.

In the interactive diagram below, you can enter the data corresponding to your situation.

The software will calculate if your plane does not exceed the maximum takeoff weight. It will identify you in box B5 if takeoff is authorized or if the plane is too heavy.

Click here to enlarge the above diagram

Click on the A1 (1) box and modify the weight of the empty plane (Just type the new value).

Press the “Enter” key or click anywhere in the diagram. The software will calculate the takeoff decision in box B5.