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Calculate the equilibrium income with the Keynesian model

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Calculate the equilibrium income with the Keynesian model

How to share your diagrams?

The LinkNotions concept map allows you to visualize the influences between different concepts (notions).

With the integration of the calculation, you can calculate the value of a notion using the value of other notions. The concept map becomes a visual spreadsheet.

To realize this:

Use the interactive diagram below:

Click on a square (eg Income in A3) in the interactive diagram below.
Modify the figure by entering the new value.
Press the “Enter” key or click anywhere in the diagram.
The software will calculate the new values of all the notions concerned.

A LinkNotions diagram is self-explanatory.

In fact, apart from the possibility of calculating, you can introduce explanations into the concepts and links.

For example, the user of the concept map can discover the definition of  National disposable income in the Info window when he places the cursor on the concept ” National disposable income” (A2) or when he clicks on it.

The user therefore does not only see concepts (concepts) and figures, but he can discover a whole set of information that you have put in the diagram: definitions, explanations, internet links, documents, images, etc. .).