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Calculate a bonus granted to a customer

With visual spreadsheet LInkNotions for can easily build an interactive diagram that shows which client gets how much bonus.

The example we give is obviously only a possibility of calculation. It’s up to you to define your own criteria and the information you want to insert in the diagram.

Such interactive diadrams are interesting for retailers, allowing them to have a global view, but also for teachers, to explain to their students how to calculate a bonus according to criteria set by a retailer.

Example (see below) :

A merchant has several clients: A; B; C; …

He grants them a 10% bonus on the total of their purchases if they meet two criteria:

Total purchases must be greater than € 5,000.

The number of purchases must be greater than 5.

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For example, to change the total purchases of customer C, click on the notion (1) and enter the amount of your choice in the “Expression” field of the subname (2). Then click on “Save and Calculate(3) or press the “Enter” key or click anywhere in the diagram.

Note: To access the “Expression” field of the subname, please pull the “Calculations” window upwards as shown by the arrows (4) in the middle of the image on the left.

Try with the interactive diagram above!

Criterion 1 requires the customer to have at least purchased for € 5,000. Since customer C only bought for € 2,000, he does not get a bonus. Replace the number 2,000 with a number greater than 5,000 in the “Expression” field of the subname. Then click on “Save and Calculate” and the customer is awarded a bonus of 10% of his purchases.

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