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 License per person

      (per year)

Private and educational use Professional use



200 €

What is a license for?

A license gives you access to edit mode when you open a diagram in your account.

In edit mode you can:

  • create your own diagrams and change those of other people
  • copy all diagrams made available by LinkNotions for free and edit them
  • have additional features (data export, data analysis, export for print and to share the diagram by mail or on a website).

2 types of users

  • private and teachers / students
  • professionals

Licenses for private and educational use (free of charge)

Private use:

These licences are aimed at individuals who use the software outside of an institution in a private and non-professional environment.

It is for personal non-commercial use such as the organization of his vacation, the presentation of his family tree, etc.

Educational use:

These licenses are also due to all teachers and students (all levels: primary, secondary, university, etc.) in their teaching activities and privately.

Teachers can use these licenses in the classroom with their students. They cannot use them for paid activities outside of school.

The school administration is required to have a license for professional use.

With this type of license, the user has no right to publish a diagram on a website without the express permission of LinkNotions.

Sending a diagram by individual mail is possible.



Cannot benefit from this type of license:

Teachers outside their teaching duties. For example, a teacher who works for a private company.

Licenses for professional use (200€/year)

Each use in a professional setting either individually or in company / institution requires this type of license.

In this context it will be possible to adapt the software to the specific needs of a business, provide for the supervision of a project and propose a problem-solving service.

See details.


  • The license type is indicated in each user’s diagrams.
  • Each license allows the creation of 10 diagrams.
  • In the shop you can acquire the ability to create additional diagrams.