Creating an interactive business planner

See at a glance all persons, offices, special rooms, equipment, projects, customers, suppliers, etc.

See who is responsible for what projects, which rooms, who uses what equipment, when …

Example of a business planner with LinkNotions

CREATE your interactive business planner with LinkNotions

First create your LinkNotions account : click any of the buttons at the right.

Then you have two options:

  1. Start from scratch. Here’s how.
  2. Use the business planner provided by LinkNotions. Open the diagram and simply click the green button on the top right of the diagram. A window opens. Click “Create”. A copy will be created into your account. It is opened in edit mode. You now can edit this copy.
  • You will be able to adapt the diagram by introducing the people, projects, offices, special rooms, suppliers of your company while taking advantage of the structure provided.

Advantages of the LinkNotions business planner

  • LinkNotions is interactive. By selecting the box of an element A, the user can see all the elements this person is linked with. The user also receives all the available information on element A in the info box in the bottom right corner of the screen. By clicking on a link, the user can receive all the available information about this link in the info box.
  • The elements (people, offices, projects, …) and links between them can contain texts, documents, photos, etc.
  • The diagram is printable.
  • All information can be exported into an Excel file and treated as such.
  • It is multilingual

CREATE your diagrams from scratch

All you need is a LinkNotions account. Enter your account and click “Create workspace.”

Some examples of use:

By putting the cursor over the top of the notion “Conference Room” the tooltip shows you all incoming links.

You will learn that

  • Didier Vlans is responsible for the conference room
  • Mrs. Sophie has access to the conference room
  • Mr. Richard has a key to the conference room

By clicking the top of the notion “Conference Room” the three people above are highlighted.

If you move the cursor over the lower part of the notion “Conference Room”, the tool tip shows you all the outgoing links.

You will learn that the conference room is

  • reserved for February 5
  • reserved for January 2
  • cleaned by the supplier 2

If you click the lower part of the notion “Conference Room”, the three notions above are highlighted.

Double-clicking the notion “Process 1.1” (1) a contact window is opened. It shows all the incoming (2) and outgoing (3) links of the notion.

Example of incoming link: Mrs. Alice works in the Process 1.1

Example of outgoing link: The Process 1.1 is related to our patent nr 2

By putting the cursor on a link (4), you see a brief explanation of the link  in the Info window (5). Double-clicking a link opens a window with details about the link.


Calculate with LinkNotions: calculate the value of a notion with values of other notions.
The concept map becomes a visual spreadsheet! Examples.