Create an interactive organogram with LinkNotions

The organogram allows you to quickly see who works with whom, when and where.

EXAMPLE of a LinkNotions interactive organogram

text below image

text over image

text right to image

LinkNotions organogram: interactivemultilingualwith content in people and links. Try interactivity by clicking, right-clicking or double-clicking people or links!

CREATE your organogram with LinkNotions

First create your LinkNotions account : click any of the buttons at the right.

Then you have two options:

  1. Start from scratch. Here’s how to create an interactive organogram with LinkNotions.
  2. Use the free template provided by LinkNotions. Open the template of an organization chart and simply click the green button on the top right of the diagram. A window opens. Click “Create”. A copy will be created into your account. It is opened in edit mode. You now can edit this copy.
  • You will be able to adapt the organogram by introducing the people concerned while taking advantage of the structure provided.
Open the TEMPLATE of an interactive organogram

In the template of an organizational chart, we took the example above, without the content of people and links. You can use it as a base to create your organogram without having to remove the existing content.

How to edit an interactive diagram of LinkNotions.

See also the diagram below, in which the organogram is embedded in a business planner.

Organogram embedded in a business planner

CREATE your own interactive diagrams from scratch

All you need is a LinkNotions account. Enter your account and click “Create workspace.”

Here’s how to create and edit a new diagram.

Here are the different diagrams (as examples) created by LinkNotions.

What are the advantages of a LinkNotions organogram?

Interactivity: clicking on a person, the user sees revealed all persons with whom the clicked person has a relationship.

Ease of creation: double-click on an empty box to create a new person.

You can create several hundreds of thousands of people (very large firms) and find them through the search function.

Possibility to give content to people: Human CV, functions, portrait, document concerning the person (articles), etc.

Possibility to give content to the links between people: type of relationship; number and schedule of meetings, documents, etc.

Multilingualism: the organogram can be written in several languages of your choice.

Distribution Facility: you can transmit the organogram by email or on your website. Its URL does not change, even if you later change the content of the chart. The person viewing the website or email will always see the latest version of the diagram.

Everyone can read the diagram. No software needed since LinkNotions is based on the browser.

You can decide whether the receiver can change the diagram sent or published. In your account, you find two different URLs that you can send or publish.

It is printable: The organogram can be exported in Pdf and SVG formats.


Calculate with LinkNotions: calculate the value of a notion with values of other notions.
The concept map becomes a visual spreadsheet! Examples.