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Software to view your calculations

Like Excel, but more visual

1st simple example: Calculation of the surface of an area.

Click for example on the “Length” box (A1) and modify the value. Then type “Enter” or click anywhere in the diagram. The software will calculate the surface in the “Surface” box (A3).

2nd example : Calculation of savings of a household

The difference between household revenues (A2 – A9) and expenses (B2 – B9) is monthly savings (C9). If the household accumulates savings at an interest rate (C8) for a certain number of months (C2), the total amount saved is shown in box C3.

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Use the above interactive diagram

  • Click on A3 (Salary) in the above interactive diagram.
  • Change the figure by entering the new value.
  • Type “Enter” or click anywhere in the diagram..
  • The software will recalculate all the values of notions influenced (Total revenues, Monthly savings, …).


The software allows you to create interactive calculators with as many boxes (notions) as you want.

Each notion can be linked to one or more others.

Each notion can be calculated using the values of one or more other notions.

Each notion can contain information (explanations, images, documents, links, etc.).

Each link can contain information too.

We thus obtain a self-explanatory interactive visual spreadsheet.

You can communicate the most complicated matters to your public

(customers, visitors to your website, students, etc.)

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Examples of using the visual spreadsheet


Percentage calculations


Speed; Distance; Time

Click an image to open the corresponding diagram

What are the characteristics of a LinkNotions visual spreadsheet?

It can calculate: Calculate the value of a notion using the values of other notions using the appropriate formulas.

It is visual: Insert explanations, documents, images, hyperlinks in the notions.

It is interactive: The user can discover the content with the mouse. He can modify the figures and ask the software to calculate online.

It is used to communicate: You can create your visual spreadsheets and publish them on the internet or send them by email. As it can contain multiple explanations, it becomes self-explanatory. The receiver can therefore understand and use them. If you want, he can copy the spreadsheet into his LinkNotions account and transform it there.

How to calculate with LinkNotions

When to use LinkNotions visual spreadsheet

You can use LinkNotions in two ways:

1) With Calculation

Put the focus on calculating

The diagram is a visual spreadsheet

You can calculate the value of a notion using values from one or more other notions.

2) Without Calculation

Put the focus on influences between notions

The diagram is a concept map

Click here for explanations on this kind of diagram