Interactive concept map





Simple example of an interactive visual spreadsheet created with LinkNotions online software:

  • Click on A1, A2 in the above interactive diagram.
  • Change the figure by entering the new value in the “Main Expression” field of the “Calculations” window (below the diagram).
  • Click Save and Calculate“.
  • The software will calculate in A3 the Surface in function of the values of Length and Width.

Create your visual spreadsheets with LinkNotions

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How to calculate with LinkNotions

When to use LinkNotions visual spreadsheet

So you can use LinkNotions in two ways:

1) With Calculation

Put the focus on calculating

You can calculate the value of a notion using values from one or more other notions.

2) Without Calculation

Put the focus on influences between notions

Click here for explanations on this kind of diagram

Examples of using the visual spreadsheet


Value of a share and purchase decision

The keynesian model


Speed; Distance; Time


Decision making