Editing a diagram

To be able to edit a diagram, copy it into your LinkNotions account.  To get an account, you can ask for a free trial of one month or directly buy a licence for one year (6€/year for private and educational use). Click one of the buttons at the right.

To copy a diagram into your account, open the diagram and click the button “Edit this diagram” (top right of the screen).

If you are not yet registered for this session, the following window opens in order to register. Fill in your mail address and the password of your LinkNotions account and click “Login”.

A new window will open. Click the “create copy” button to create a copy of the diagram within your LinkNotions account.

The diagram will open in edit mode.

You can now edit and modify the diagram: create new notions or new links, move notions, add files, images, rows, columns, etc.

If you want to go to your account, simply click the LinkNotions Logo.

Here you can see the copied diagram in the list.

Click “Edit” to open the diagram in edit mode.

Click “Share” to send the diagram by mail.