2 types of URL links with surprising benefits

Send a diagram by mail: two options

Want to send a LinkNotions diagram that you created to an acquaintance? You can send 2 types of URL:

  1. A link that allows a second party to read the diagram (read only)
  2. A link that allows a second party to read and to edit the diagram (read and edit). In order to edit the diagram, the receiver must own a license (6€ for private and educational use).

How to proceed:

  • Create a diagram in LinkNotions
  • Behind the name of your diagram in your account section you will find a button labeled “SHARE”
  • Click on this button. In the newly opened window you will find two URLs
    • On top, the “read only” link
    • At the bottom, the “read and edit” link which allows the recipient to read AND modify the diagram
  • Copy the bottom URL (use Ctrl + C) and paste it (Ctrl + V) into an email.
  • By clicking on the URL link, the recipient opens the diagram in read-only mode.
  • On top of the diagram, left to its title, he will find a small blue icon. By clicking on it a new window opens. He can now rename the diagram. Click on the copy button. The new diagram is opened in edit mode. He may now modify the diagram.

When to send a “read only” URL  

  • If you do not want the receiver to modify your diagram.
  • If you want to limit the playback time of the diagram to the receiver. Please proceed as follows: In your account, make a copy of the diagram you send. Send the copy. If you think the receiver should no longer read the diagram, you will delete the copy in your account (or empty it). This is sometimes very practical.
  • If you want the receiver to follow the changes in the diagram you are creating. Indeed, as long as you continue to work on a diagram (and this one has the same URL), the receiver sees the latest version of the diagram. To make the receiver no longer see the latest version, make a copy in your account and keep the copy. Delete the latest version and continue working on the copy.

When to send a “read and edit” URL 

  • If you want the receiver to edit the diagram.
  • If you do not see any inconvenience that he or others use it. It is obvious that from the moment you send such a URL, you lose control of the use of the diagram. Indeed, the receiver can copy the diagram into his account. This diagram now has another URL number. If you change your diagram, his diagram is not modified. If he changes his diagram, yours is not modified (URLs, s are different).